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It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  

It takes effort, attention, and focus.

So does EXCELLENCE, which is what Praestantia means.

Excellence in advice, and excellence in service.

It’s what we believe our clients deserve.

It’s why we exist and what we strive to deliver.


About Praestantia

Praestantia Risk & Insurance Advisors was founded to help clients identify their exposure to risks of financial loss and implement strategies to minimize those risks.  And while there are thousands of insurance brokers in the market, we saw a need for a more personalized approach in developing both short- and long-term risk management strategies.  We saw a need for proactive advice tailored to each client.  And we saw a need to be accessible and quick to respond. 

Let us show you how we’re different.

“Mark has always had the patience and demeanor to help us navigate the insurance labyrinth.  Whether it is casualty or property, all the nuances that appear overwhelming he has broken down and simplified to assist in my making the right, educated decision."

President & CEO, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service


Products & Services

We partner with organizations to gain a full understanding of their business in order to carefully evaluate their exposure to all types of risk and potential financial liability. 


We make sure our clients understand the full range of their options and are equipped to make informed decisions to preserve and secure their business interests.

We want to be part of your team.

Our Team

The team at Praestantia Risk & Insurance Advisors is dedicated to providing personalized service and expert support to our clients, from identifying the best insurance carriers and placing coverage, to managing claims and resolving issues.  


Let us put our expertise to work for you.

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